Code Of Conduct

Effective March 21st, 2019

§ Preamble

For the purposes of maintaining a safe and happy community, this document contains the rules and regulations for all channels of communication and collaboration inside the communities of Greater Aclevo, which include Aclevo, Deleno, Gamma Labs, Ovelca, Rebelcent, The TKRS, and The Treehouse Discord. Communication shall be defined as any contact within, to, or from these communities. Collaboration shall be defined as the commitment of two or more people working together on a project. This Code of Conduct is subject to the definitions provided by the Greater Aclevo Board if not explicitly defined in this document. Further documents, such as the Terms Of Greater Interaction, and the Membership Conduct Code & Procedures shall apply as extensions to these statues.

§ Section 1: Moral Code and Statues

§ Rule 1: Respect Others & Their Creations

§ Rule 2: Maintain A Safe Environment

§ Rule 3: Follow All Applicable Policies & Law

§ Section 2: Consequences

§ 2-1: Consequences

Disregard of the above rules can and will result in consequences, including but not limited to: